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Thursday, January 9, 2014

The 5 Laws of Loaded Nacho Platters

The Super Bowl is fast approaching.  I'm always enthused about watching the game on the big screen, but true excitement doesn't hit until I begin planning my nacho platter. 

Super bowl parties should ALWAYS be marked by a grand platter, piled high, of good, basic nachos, and here are the tried-and-true of laws of making the best ones:

1.  Never use pre-grated cheese.  Pre-grated cheese has lots of fillers and anti-caking agents included, so I always grate my cheese myself.  Make sure it's a fine grate so that you'll get nice, even melting.

2.  Don't overcrowd the layering of the nachos.  I am typically heating my nachos in the oven, so I always use a baking sheet where I can spread them all out evenly, building my layers.

3.  Speaking of layers, I melt my layers one at a time - here's how:  Put down your layer of chips, add meat topping, then a fine layer of cheese - into the oven they go, for a few minutes, until cheese is good and melted.  Repeat with a couple more layers.

4.  Always use nice, THICK, corn tortilla chips!  Or, for an extra special treat, cut flour tortillas into triangles and deep fry until golden brown.  These make a wonderful chip for nachos.

5.  KISS should be applied with creating nacho platters:  Keep It Simple, Silly.  Good nachos need only include the basics:  chips, beef/bean filling, cheese, salsa and (of course!) fresh pico de gallo! Keep the sour cream and guacamole for serving on the side.  


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Chef Alli