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Monday, December 30, 2013

We Miss You, Max

It doesn't seem possible that you've been gone from our family for one full year now.  I am still sick over what happened to you and I'll never understand how someone could take a fat, little dog out of a trap and just lay you on the ground to leave you for dead; it breaks my heart to think of it.  If only we had found you sooner! I am certain you would have "scrapped" your way back to us - that was always your style. 
Yes, Max, you were sometimes a total pain in the rear, but we still laugh when we think about all the times you'd bark at nothing out in the pasture just to get Red going, and the time that you buried yourself in the base of that big tree down by the creek as you dug your way inside to get to those coons that had made it their home. I miss you the most when I go walking - it's just not the same without you behind me, herding me along, all the way to the corner and back. 

Our Maxie-Girl, AKA One-Eyed Sally
Each of us has a story and I always thought that your story was one of the best.  You came to us missing an eye and since you were in such a sad condition when the boys found you, we assumed you'd been injured. But once we got you to the vet, we learned that you were actually born with just one eye, a common birth defect with the Sheltie breed and also, most likely, why some heartless idiot dumped you out. 

I wasn't there when the boys found you in that cornfield, but they told me later how you ran straight to Miles and LEAPED into his arms.  Big Daddy Patty still says they brought you home with the intention of taking you to the pound, but I never believed that for a minute.  Once we got all those stick-tights out of your coat and gave you a bath, it was amazing how much you looked just like the dog from The Grinch; and though we often called you One-Eyed Sally, Max was the perfect name for you. 

We miss you, Max, but we're thankful for the time you were here with us - you will ALWAYS be a part of our family.