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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Chore Time: Shoulder-to-Shoulder

My husband loves it when I do chores with him.  Actually, I love it when I do chores with him.  It’s time spent in his world, on his turf and his time.  I’m basically just there to show my support with my physical presence, something I’ve learned speaks WAY louder than any words ever could. 

Though I’d like to ask lots of questions, I don’t.  I keep quiet and just watch, following along as I observe all the ways he cares for our livestock.  No wonder he likes to be here with his cows; each one calls to him as she spots his cowboy hat on the horizon. And when they hear his voice, they all come running; I know there could be no other Welcome Wagon in the world that means more to him than this. 

A part of my brain tells me I’ve got better things to tend to, yet my heart knows this shoulder-to-shoulder time doing chores is valuable to my husband.  Sometimes as we look over the herd, he tells me his thoughts and concerns; other times he shares some insight into why a particular steer is hanging back or has drooping ears.  Here is where I get to learn things about my husband that I would otherwise miss.  And here is where I’ve discovered that my husband spells love like this:  “T-I-M-E.”

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