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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tasty Twisted Halloween Snack Mix

This is the perfect snack mix recipe for a classroom treat.  Have each student bring      1 - 2 cups of two of the spooky ingredients listed below (depending on what they are and the size involved), then combine them all in the witch’s cauldron to serve to the kids – they love it!  This recipe came from my days of school parties with the boys at Royal Valley Elementary.
·        Baked Skeleton Bones (pretzel sticks)

·        Bat Brains (popcorn)

·        Bloated Ants (raisins)

·        Boiled Lady Bugs (red jelly beans)

·        Braised Beetles (milk duds)

·        Cheesy Owl Eyes (puffed cheese balls)

·        Chocolate-Dipped Barn Flies (chocolate covered raisins)

·        Compressed Cobwebs (toasted square cereal)

·        Bat Wings (blue corn chips)

·        Deep Fried Fingernails (Bugles brand snacks)

·        Dragon Wings (nacho chips)

·        Dirty Shoelaces (black shoestring licorice)

·        Freeze-Dried Blood Droplets (red hots)

·        Ghost Guts (mini marshmallows)

·        Plops of Pigeon Poop (yogurt covered raisins)

·        Rat Claws (sunflower seeds – shelled)

·        Cat Eyes – almonds

·        Vulture Toenails – candy corn

·        Witches Warts – chocolate chips

·        Goblin Belly Button Lint – m & m’s

Now You're Spookin',
Chef Alli